Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Salisbury Downs Primary School.
We are a school which prides itself on having a strong sense of community. Our dedicated staff consistently go above and beyond to support every student, and to work with their family to achieve the best outcomes possible. We not only value academic outcomes, but understand how the social and emotional wellbeing of each student influences their ability to succeed.
We expect all members of our community to demonstrate our school values of Courage, Tolerance, Friendliness, Persistence, Compassion and Good Manners. These values, coupled with our Play Is The Way key concepts (please refer to Curriculum Information) support students to develop socially and emotionally.
We value the range of cultures that we have at Salisbury Downs Primary School and appreciate the fact that while we are all similar in many ways, it is each person’s uniqueness and differences that help create our diverse community.
A community that we are proud of.

David Bentley

Principal – Salisbury Downs Primary School

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